Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cable-y Things

Oooh, I just love cables, Aran knitting, and the amazing textures that can be produced with 2 little stitches! It blows my mind!!

So, I was very excited to see links to free cable chart generators online!!!Cable generator #1 and cable generator #2--I saw these on Ravelry. I was instantly all over those, playing around with them. CG#1 is something you can use on-line and there are two choices of knitting symbols you can use, which is nice. CG#2 is a software demo you can download for unlimited free use, though they have disabled the print function unless you purchase the software, you can probably print it from a screenshot you save into a WORD document....


And here is a link to a neat book where the author makes cabled items without the edges: headbands, belts and trim. Interesting!

I am really interested in knitting EZs patterns. I know I could learn so much from each project....I just saw a sweater from her Knitting Workshop book, called Hand to Hand Aran, that is just beautiful (knittingem did a great job!) Amazing how timeless EZ's things are!!!


Carola said...

HI honey,

You should, finally, finally, finally get your package any day now. I posted it last week. I'm so dreadfully sorry it's taken so long. Life's been ... weird. I haven't had time to be online at all in the last couple of months. And I haven't been home much, thus the delay.

Hope you enjoy what comes when it arrives though.


Aim said...

Thanks, Carola, I hope things are well with you! Can't wait to see the s'prise package :)