Sunday, October 7, 2007

My Kauni arrived!!!

This was my last internet splurge for a while. I couldn't stop myself. But even though I had promised me to be done with internet knit purchases, I needed to get my Kauni yarn. Ohh, am I glad I did.

It came in the mail today, from Denmark (here). Kinda pricey shipping, but when you see the beautiful colors of the yarn coming out of the package at you, and you show it to non-knitters and even they are oooh-ing and aaaah-ing, then you know it was worth it! Oh this yarn is spectacular!!

So. I'm done. I have so many projects queued up to go "next" it is not even funny. I want to be a housewife again (Why is there that conundrum, that you must work to buy the yarn, but when you work there is not enough time to knit the yarn. But if you don't work, there's no way you'd be buying Kauni yarn from Denmark and having it sent to you for $30 in shipping...?)

This yarn ain't goin' nowhere until I knit it. So there's my answer to the conundrum: it's safely in my stash where it belongs, until that victorious day when I can pull it out and start knitting with it!

This yarn makes me wax poetic!

For my future reference:
My Kauni came in small balls, which apparently has changed. Their other colorways still come in the larger balls, but Rainbow EQ only comes smaller. The bummer is, I cannot see the progression of color on the small balls, and the order in which colors change. So, by looking at other people's photos of their WIPs and large balls of Rainbow colorway, I can see the stripe progression will go like this: ROYGBIV.

Common sense rules the day ;0)

Something else I need to show you: I had to buy this book at Barnes & Noble the other day. It made me laugh (and I am such a cookbook collector, this came home with me):

Yes, it is the Twinkies cookbook. You can COOK with Twinkies! Whodathunk?!

Look at the Twinkie wedding cake, haa haa haaaaa:

And Twinkie sushi is a scream:

I love this book!

I have pics of the Dulaan scarf progress, but will upload them later. Have a nice Sunday, everybody!

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Opal said...

Gorgeous yarn and that cookbook is a scream!