Sunday, October 28, 2007

Spring fever (snicker)

This weekend is all about getting projects done around the house. Like putting house numbers on the garage so people can find us (can't see the #s on the house anymore, due to redbud trees in front yard--I like it like that. Nice and private.) Lots of organizing going on, my crafting area has been laying dormant and collecting piles of things. I have stacks of magazines and books that need to be organized and filed away, I have bags of unwanted items(clothing) in the garage that need to go to Goodwill, etc. Lots of decluttering going on. And I mention it only because IT FEELS SO GOOD! Kind of like spring cleaning.

Now, here are some more really cool patterns I discovered while surfing Ravelry:

These are awesome cabled mittens, made by a Finnish girl named Tikru. She's a dynamo with the knitting. I will add these to my list of things to do, but I may make the cuffs a little shorter in length....

Look at the knitted eyeballs! How funny. And here is a Hello Kitty hat that someone designed! Really cute!!

Oh, wow, I have to make the Bar Harbor Shell Bag! Oh, oh isn't that just gorgeous? Another pattern to knit for me (I don't have many planned, do I?) =`

Hey, look, there's a Holiday Mystery Gift KAL group on yahoo, and these are patterns that will be for sale later! Some of them are really cute! The projects so far range from socks to sweaters, to fingerpuppets and ornaments, and a really pretty couple of fair-isle projects like a Christmas stocking and a hat and a bag! I haven't started one yet, but may be tempted to do the stocking. The charts look really cute.

Look here! I found this neat pattern for bottle topper hats; though I haven't seen that drink here in the US, it looks like these would fit on a snapple or frappucino bottle! There are some really amazing variations on these minute fund-raisers here. And the flicker group is mahvelous with all the ingenuity. (I personally love the Winnie the Pooh hats.)

Wow, I was also just looking at a bunch of charity knitting sites, and at the very least I'd like to make something for the Red Scarf Project 2008. We have a local homeless shelter too, it would be great in this freezing climate to give something wooly and warm. I might try to squeeze a couple hats in....


Acornbud said...

Hey, thanks for finding these cool links. The shell bag is really cool! I might have to make me one!

Aim said...

You're welcome Acornbud, it seems to be what I'm best at (rather than actually knitting something!) Browsing the patterns is sometimes all I'm good for :)

Mary Jane said...

Thanks for including my knitted eyeballs! I wore a few on a tiara for a "future St. Lucy" at a sci-fi themed party.

Aim said...

hee hee, thanks for knitting eyeballs (there's a wierd sentence for ya!)