Monday, October 29, 2007

Books, books, books

I love to stock up on books for the upcoming winter. So I have something to do because I don't go outside in the yucky weather if I can avoid it. As the year winds down, I am getting ready!

So, yesterday, when I went to Borders to get a Deborah Newton book I'd seen....
of course I stocked up. On other books. And of course they were all knitting books :)

I think I'm set for a 25 year long winter (God forbid it should happen...!)

I love this book for the toy patterns in it:
Look at the cute bird and puppy! Fun!

Then there is this book:
which I bought mostly for the cable hearts in this pattern (hard to see, but the center front bodice section has a row of cabled hearts) quite unlike any I've seen previously! Very pretty.

Click on the photos to see them enlarged....

While I am on the subject of knitting, LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL TOP!!! Wow, I'd love to wear something like that, though not sure I like the armhole edges. I'd try to tweak it with something else, I-cord or even the same garter or rib but less wide....But maybe it looks fine on a body, hard to tell!

Must knit a bit and catch some zzzz's. See y'all later.

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