Tuesday, October 2, 2007

new page on Ravelry

I want to show off some of the beautiful jewelry DD has made. She has been making me jewelry for about 5 years, and it is so gorgeous! I love her sense of style. Here's one of my favorites, the shell necklace:
I love this necklace. I wore this to work much of the summer. It goes with everything!
(The earrings are abalone, purchased.)

Yarny news: I just spent about 3-1/2 hours on Ravelry, heh, heh. (Visit me here.) Who needs to sleep when there's so much yarny documentation and organizing to do :-b

But if I don't get to bed, it will be a very long day at work. Night all.


I'm back.

It wasn't that long of a day (though I stayed up!) What I did instead of going to bed was to learn Andean plying of my spun singles! I only have the one drop-spindle, and it's been full for about 2 months so I couldn't spin. And I never plyed before, so what better time to learn than 4:30 AM? On a work day! I did it and here it is:

Taa daaaaa! My very own first handspun! Two ounces of handspun...I think it's pretty, but I have to say the Romney wool is very scratchy while I had it around my wrist. I will have to give some thought to what it will become, obviously not a garment. Hmmmm maybe a felted bag or knitted rug! I started another spindle of singles at lunch today. :) This is really fun!

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