Saturday, October 27, 2007

Knitter's block breakthrough!

I am very happy to say that I finally got over knitter's block. I took a break from gift knits, and knit up one of these quickies to get my creative juices flowing:
It's the multidirectional diagonal dishcloth . It was a refreshing change, the indecision on what to start next for a Christmas gift was making me crazy. I wasn't getting anything done, so at least I got a nice washcloth out of it. I made it from Bernat Handicrafter Cotton.

So, in spite of my wavering, I started Wavy ;-) It is a fun pattern, and I am enjoying how it meanders. I broke down and made it from the Lion Wool--it's not super-soft like Alpaca, but it's not coarse either. So I guess it's all good! (Thanks Hakucho for the good advice you commented in my last post, though!)
I'd like to make the multicolored brioche-stitch scarf. I saw one on Ravelry, and I think I saw one also in an EZ book or Meg Swansen's. There is also a matching hat in the EZ book--I think that a double layer of yarn would make a really wooly warm scarf and hat. That may end up being scarf #10!

My posting has really slowed, but life is good right now. Was whining because I had to blow most of my last paycheck on a new dishwasher and new vacuum cleaner. But, at least I could do it! The dishwasher was purchased last Saturday, the delivery man brought it today. He took one look at our plumbing and electrical, and stated that the brand we bought would not work with our current set-up, that it is made only for new kitchens, the plumbing must be custom fit to this model. Grrrr, so back to Best Buy we went, where I realized I don't want any of the other models they sell (which is why I had willingly paid an extra $300 for that one).

Now I just have to wait a week or two for Best Buy to cut me a check for my $900, so I can go somewhere else to shop for one. That aggravates me more than you could know, having them sit on my $$ like that. Especially when I think of how "helpful" the salesman was last week. Why the heck didn't he tell me this stuff up front?! Duh! Very disappointed, but I'm starting to enjoy handwashing dishes again (go figure!) Our old dishwasher doesn't get anything clean, it's loud and the racks are corroded right through in some spots! Yikes.

Okay, enough whining! Now for the good stuff:
I got two new patterns in the mail this week--well one is a kit, with yarn from here.
I have been thinking 'this is super clever scarf' since I saw the ads in IK and VK. So, happily I bought that kit:) I'm going to make this for my nephew who's 6. I think he'll get a big kick out of it.

The other pattern I scored is this beautiful shawl pattern:
I had to have it, it takes my breath away! How gorgeous it is. The thing is, I'm a newbie to lace-knitting, so this will probably go on the back burner until I get a little more practice (on my Mananita that's in progress!) Anyway, you can purchase yours from here. They sold out of the pattern within a couple of days, so you have to stake out the site if you want one :)

Check out this awesome beret done in sock yarns! How cool is that? I'd wear one of those!
I'm tired now. Night, night. =]


shell said...

That shawl is so pretty - I totally understand the desire for it.
Sorry to hear of the issues with the dishwasher- I know that was one thing I insisted on getting here. I love it - but its a bit out of the way for us- back a hall way (got to love older homes), but its a lifesaver when I get the big urge to cook alot.

Opal said...

I have been on the lookout for that shawl pattern! Thanks for the link!

hakucho said...

Glad your "block" is over :)

You always find the most interesting and cute, unusual scarf patterns. I love your wavy.

happy knitting :)

Aim said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! I like to hear anything you have to say!!