Saturday, June 9, 2007

Saturday mornings

Ah, lazy Saturday mornings. Love waking up whenever, doing whatever whenever, and having a day all to myself. The hours ahead are so full of promise....can I crank out the housework that needs so badly to be done, run errands, and be creative in my various hobby-pursuits all in one day? I always have that hopeful outlook--- however unrealistic it may be. I need the sense of happiness & hope that Saturday mornings bring!

Nothing new on the knitting front, I picked up Convertible yesterday at my lunch hour, and started knitting a row, then realized I had screwed it up the previous time I was knitting on it, and had to spend 10 minutes UNKNITTING (not my favorite). So in about 40 minutes time, I only got 2 rows knit. Sigh. I'm afraid that this project, like the clapotis, is going to drag on and on.....

I think my problem is I have toooooooooo many projects lined up, and any number of WIP at the same time. Gotta stop doing that, it makes me crazy!

Am thinking of joining the Stashalong blog, to set myself more concrete (and realistic) knitting goals! Last fall I was so into knitting hats, I had decided that cranking those out would be a cool thing to do for a holiday craft show in November, 2007. I talked about it with a friend, but now my interest in that is superceded by my desire to knit everyone in my family their Christmas gifts....Have a couple of cool patterns ready for that, just haven't made official start (and here it is, already 6 months into the new year!) I may have to adjust that goal somewhat, taking into consideration reality! Sigh.

Thinking Irish Hiking Scarf and the Duulaan Scarf would be good starters--many males in my family, so needing to choose non-foofoo patterns and yarns....:) Can't say much more here w/o spoiling it for giftees; just know that I am soon to become a gift-knitting machine!

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