Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer knitting

Since I purchased the Knitting Nature book, I found this KAL, & think I'll join that to get some things made. The spiral scarf is kindof a nifty item, I like the way it looks over a turtleneck.

I also love the ripple along, and the granny along, and the Mason-Dixon Knit-along. Stash along would be a prudent thing for me currently, to use what I have to finish some knitting goals!

I also want to do this sometime, since I now own a copy of Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I have yet to finish my version of the chevron scarf! It's the knitting ADD ya know--I should count how many WIP I have. I think I need to finish some projects before I start new ones. That shall be my summer goal--no new projects except gift knitting. I'll never get my Christmas knitting done at the rate I've been going!

But the 'baaaaaaad' part of me wants to make these cute socks for sandals. I love wearing sandals and flip-flops and slippahs, so socks made for that would be kinda fun. I think it might be a good project for sock leftovers.... But I can't make them this year, because,
you know, which one of my brothers would like them as a Christmas gift?(!)

I think this is a scream! This lady is a very talented designer, making clever patterns out of thin air.

Enough wishing. Time to go to work on current WIPs!!!


Opal said...

great project line up!

-i really want to make the hex coat from knitting nature.

-there are a couple ladies at aloha knitters that are planning to do the hourglass sweater.

-i love kai's designs! she's so innovative. and she's really down to earth in person. :-)

Acornbud said...

What cute little socks. I've made MK's sushi toilet paper roll cover and a womb. Every woman needs one!

Pat said...

Those teeny sandal socks are adorable!! Sounds like you are on the KAL's hard to get off once you start!!