Friday, June 8, 2007


Storms blowing in last night: my puppy acting all agitated, was doing some non-normal stuff. Pacing around, would not settle, just milling around back and forth, and looking at me like he wanted something.
"Want to go outside?" I walk over to the door and open it. He just stands there and smiling, wags. Doesn't move.
"Want some water?" I check their bowls: empty, and the grumpy old dog has decided to lay herself right down in front of the bowls. Even if there was water in them, he couldn't get to them to drink...I fill them up, and shoo Grumpy Pants away from there. My puppy just stands there smiling and looking at me like he wants something, but does not go over by the water.
"What is it, Fur Pants?" Smiles and wags. WTF. I have no idea, except he has been getting more anxious about storms in the past year or so. Last summer during a thunderstorm, he jumped up onto the bed between me and my husband. 70+ lbs of fuzzy fur between us. We thought it was really funny, as he'd never done that before in his 4 years of being!

But also sad, if he has anxiety. Do they make puppy Prozac?

Then again, look what came a couple hours later:

Click for close-up. Whoa. Very, very electrically active storm (otherwise how would I be able to capture a streak of lightning on my digital cam?!)

Wanted to use this opportunity to find out if anyone in blogland has a pattern for these knit puppy puppets? Apparently I'm late to the party, the pattern used to be available online for free, but is no longer... They are so cute in the boucle yarn, I would love a pattern for them. Anyone who knows, please leave a comment (please, please, please, pretty please!)....
I would like to do the gnomes...why, I don't know. They are cute, but why do I want to knit gnomes?! ('Because I can' is not an answer...I'm not into the knitted body parts, like knitted boobs, knitted uterus, knitted GI tract,etc...those things I could knit if I wanted to, 'because I can'--but why would I?! I don't get it....)
However, if you start talking about knitted food, I'm all over it. Why is that? These items are just as useless...('Because I can?') This is really cute, knitted peapods. Knitted Hostess Cupcake hat. BTW, her blog has many cute free patterns (check out the crocheted birds!).
Here's a Noah's Ark pattern, with different knit animals.


Opal said...

I just had to tell you that the designer of the knitted womb is a member of my local knitting club. And I have even knitted one of them for a political movement. Teehee. ;-)

Aim said...

I must confess I think all those body parts are very clever! Who'd have thought to knit an entire GI tract?! My question is only...WHY? (I'm sure people wonder the same about the food knits!) :o)