Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ripple progress...

Working on my ripple afghan like a fiend! I come home for lunch hour and eat quickly, then squeeze in 20-30 mins of rippling. Then I come home from work and sit down immediately and ripple! I'm so addicted to this stuff. I'm thinking of making these for Christmas gifts this year: had decided I was going to knit something for everyone, but crochet counts too!


I was tooling along on my afghan Sunday, feeling like I was making progress,when suddenly I realized I didn't have enough yarn to finish the stripe I was working on:

I was only halfway done with that row when I ran out, grrr!
So I thought about it, then found my stash of these:

And I thought, hey, what if I unravel these useless ends of this discarded project? So I did and look what I got from each:

I knotted them together, and added them to the length of working yarn, and got this much all together:

so I kept going with that color, thinking 'shweew, I just made it'.....and then look what happened as I approached the end of the row:

D-ohhh! I gave up, and decided to find a substitute that would blend right in:

hmmmm, not too shabby.

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Acornbud said...

Ripple progress and baby bird progress. Love it:)