Saturday, June 23, 2007

Short Rows and Pros/cons of Birds...

It's been a tremendously hard week. But things are looking up. Only 5-7 days left before DD can write us. I miss her!

Some pro's of birds:

They are 'cheep' entertainment (bad pun); there's nothing like immersing yourself in nature to take your mind off your own troubles!

In spite of my assertions I wouldn't start a new project, I had to make one of these. (Besides, washcloths don't count!)

I did it just b/c I have so much Sugar 'N Cream dishcloth cotton (for my ripple blanket), and also because short rows astound me! I'm enough of a beginner/intermediate knitter, that I still don't get short rows. I can do them, I can follow directions, and it really an astounds me whenever I complete something with them---but I still don't GET them. I want them to become second nature, so that I can design with a ways to go there!!

And also this was my first attempt at grafting. Very interesting. I tried a few shortcuts of my own, which of course, are beginner mistakes, and I had to undo them. But this is how I learn, in my hard-headed way; gotta do it my own way, until it's obvious to me that I'm wrong!!! Sigh. Then, and only then, do I follow the directions....LOL.

So I made a four corners dishcloth--except that, you know, for me these are washcloths. I would never use my knitting as rags to wipe up spills, they feel too soft and luxurious in the shower! (Well, maybe I will use them as rags when they are threadbare and worn out!)

I want to make one of these in every variegated cotton yarn I own....move over ripple blanket, here come the washcloths!

It has been strangely cool and rainy the last couple of days. Wierd for it to be in the 60s this late in the year. But earlier in the week it was in the 90s. No wonder everyone is coming down with colds!

Guess who moved in next door? The nest had only been empty about 7 days, before we noticed another robin sitting in it daily. This is not one of the baby robins, but an adult. Wonder if there are any eggs?

I saw one of the juvenile robins when I was home sick on Thursday!!! It was sitting on our fence in the backyard--I took this picture through our screen at a severe angle.

He's all spotty, and still miniature looking, but soon he will grow up to be a big sleek robin red-breast like his dad. It was nice to see him--I've been watching for them!

There's a mulberry bush fruiting, and I have tons of birdseed around the yard, as do my neighbors. Many, many birds lately. Hence, there are not as many bugs as usual this year! (Another 'pro' of birds.) Yay for birdies!

Except for this photo of my window:
He had to be flying at just the right angle, and the wind had to be blowing in just the right direction..... >:|
(Somebody needs to take my camera away. Seriously.)


Opal said...

I know what you mean about short rows. It took a long while for me to -get- them. It looks like you had a fun adventure in getting to know them though! Those are really cute washcloths!

Acornbud said...

I like your bird feeder. I would have to get one with a roof so the water won't get in and grow mosquitos, then I too could have cheep thrills.