Saturday, June 30, 2007

Post-op Saturday

Click on this photo for a close-up of honking big legs and antennae this "butterfly" has...(maybe it's a moth?)

DH had his surgery yesterday. Life has been a whirlwind lately... We got our first letter from DH in boot camp--she knows just how to allay our worries. I feel so much better now. Whew.

Neighborhood moronicity continues with nightly firecracker explosions. My dogs are neurotic wrecks by now. I was trying to sleep last night, and my puppy was not content to just lay next to me, he had to stand and breathe his scaredy-dog breath in my face. One inch away. Constantly. So after multiple attempts to get him to lie down, I finally had to put him outside the bedroom door and close it. Of course, that means he is going to start scratching at the door to get in, and rather than let him ruin the interior door, I had to put him outside in the back yard. Look what he did to the screens around the house while trying to dive in the windows:

Theres the culprit:

Sigh. Now we have another project to fix up on the house. (We may need to resurrect the cages we had for both dogs when we trained them...)

Knitting news: I am using and loving the 4 corners washcloths. They are big and squishy-thick luxurious. I only have finished the two, but want to make at least 3 more, so I don't have to buy washcloths. I have been making and using my own washcloths for a few years, but not yet to the exclusion of purchased ones ;)

Someone at the Ripple-Along posted this link for a granny-ripple afghan. I have been admiring those for a while, and would like to make one...(what don't I want to make?!) Yay, now I have a pattern:)

Must go in to work this AM and make up some hours I missed while with DH. Boss has been giving mixed signals about time off, so I better just suck it up and work extra. I know he's got some family stress right now too, so am trying to be understanding about the 'back and forth' I'm getting...

Will try, try, try to post a recipe and some kind of actual knitting progress this weekend!

Okay, 'recipe' update at 1:40 pm....
I made DH some oatmeal this AM. He needs to be on soft foods for a couple of days, and we only had regular oatmeal that I use for cookies and baking. So I cooked him up a pot of oatmeal from scratch. While the water was boiling, I was thinking how I could flavor it while it was cooking. Ah-Ha! I put in a shot of my homemade Limoncello, and a shot of vanilla (I don't purchase extract, I bought a giant bottle of vanilla vodka to use for flavoring, and this saves tons of money...) My hubby told me after he ate it that that was the best bowl of oatmeal he'd ever had!!! Served only with some brown sugar. Yum. Love to be so smart/frugal (I must brag about it, because it doesn't always happen!!)

See how much "extract" I've used! I've baked multiple things with this, and had this bottle for about 6 months. I've also added it to mixed drinks!

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Opal said...

I hope your DH feels better soon. I'm glad his surgery went well!