Friday, June 29, 2007

knitting oak

Oh, oh, I want to make something with that beautiful oak and acorn cable. This site is inspiring me....

And I was seeing it here, too. I need to get that book! Or try to chart that pattern myself (sure, ha ha ha!)

I think stuff like that is sooooooo cool. I love cables. That's another part of knitting I'd like to know inside and out, but haven't been knitting long enough for myself to feel I really get it! I need to be swatching to get more practice :)

Look at this cute crochet project from a Japanese craft book:

I think I saw this on Ebay...don't remember (oops). But cute inspiring amigurumi.
Amigurumi. That's a wierd word to type.
Sorry about the stream-of-consciousness post, I'm just kinda rollin' with it!

Other cool looking cable variations: this book, one project of which is well-documented in progress here. There's a dragon cable that I think looks really neat....scroll down on her blog to see that part. Another book for my get-list!

An' check dis out: the DNA cable! Especially fun gift for scientists.... :) That's really clever.

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