Monday, June 25, 2007

Ripple Update

Here's a pic of my ripple blanket, in Sugar 'n Cream cotton. Is 2/3 done I would say....

And here's what I keep getting sidetracked doing:

more washcloths from Abigail.

Both these projects give me something fun to do on my lunch hour, and keep me off the streets ;P

Look at this ripple effect blanket, from scraps. Kinda neat, like stained's the pattern.
I have my eye on her little star afghan too. I think it would make a cute gift for nieces and nephews....hmmmm.

Guess I skanked out of posting a recipe this time, unless I get going tonight :)


Opal said...

your ripple afghan looks great! i really love that scrap afghan though, thanks so much for sharing that!

Michelle said...

Way too cute...I so don't need to start more projects but now I have this intense need to knit look what you started?:)

Carola said...

Those washcloths are really fun! I love the ripple-blanket, but that goes without saying!