Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Grannies and reference books

This is a neat blog, where people are posting swatches knit from any of the Barbara Walker books...Kindof a neat way to look for pattern stitches you like, if you don't have the Walker books. Each swatch references the book it was found in, so it could help you decide which of her books to hunt down....Could give some good ideas for designing your own items, and a starting point!

Speaking of knitting books, here's something I bought about 15 years ago:

I didn't realize this book is out of print and selling now for hundreds of dollars on Ebay!!! No way would I sell it though, it is a fantastic reference for all possible cast-ons, etc. This book taught me a lot, and I know there's plenty more I could learn from it!!!

It's full of black and white drawings, technical info on every knitting topic you can imagine. Very useful reference. And take a look at these cables:

(I may swatch that, that is a cool looking pattern.....Maybe for one of my masculine Christmas gifts this year, hmmmmmmmmmmm!)

I am not showing these pics online in a "nyah-nyah" mentality--I'm only letting you know, if you can get your hands on this book, it is well worth it! If I had to choose only one book on knitting, this would have to be it (this was it for 15 years!)

This is a neat blanket sold at Anthropologie, I'm sure it's pricey, but what a cute idea for a knit blankie...

This is a bag from Anthropologie, who says Granny Squares are out of style?! Speaking of which, here's a very cute daisy Granny Square with a pattern that one of my blogmates talked about on the Granny-Along. Such a cute square, would be a really great bag....

Seems my blog is more about WISTs than actual knitting! "Them's the breaks" of working full time. I would need another lifetime to make everything I like.... Sigh, but a girl can dream! All the ideas swimming around the internet make me so excited and inspired--there are so many creative people out there!

Some days I'd love to go back to housewifery, so I could follow my own schedule, and knit to my heart's content. But, I think my knitting is sweeter, now that I'm left-braining it at my healthcare job all day. It feels so good to slide into the right-brain mode when I pick up my needles. The perfect balance!


Elizabeth said...

Man! The only book I ever bought, though it was 20 years ago, was Vogue Knitting. It is full of very large and loud sweater patterns from the 80's.

Opal said...

I used to own PoK but I sold it when I was strapped for cash. The price it went for was really incredible!

Soulknitting said...

I am in LOVE with the granny square bag you are showing from Anthropologie!! I bought the IK Crochet mag that has the LTL granny bag to crochet. But I think I like this vertical version better. Sigh. ANOTHER item to put on my to-do list.

I couldn't find the Anthropologie page for this bag. How much was it listed for? Are you going to make it?

Aim said...

Thanks for commenting! I don't recall how much it was going for but it was hugely overpriced--I want to say >$100. Should not cost that much to make your own! (I would love to make the LTL granny bag too, but before I do, I think I'll make a daisy granny bag.....:)