Saturday, December 1, 2007

ohhh yummy chocolate shortbead....

Our pear tree still has it's leaves. City leaf pick-up has ended, and the silly tree has not dumped it's leaves yet. In fact, they are just beginning to change color! This happens every year, it holds onto it's leaves until early January, if I recall, then I'm out there in the snow, trying to rake! Hah! (See all the bare trees in the background?!) Nice to have a red & green tree for Christmas, without even trying :)

Lots of stuff to talk about, that's why I'm breaking today's post up into pieces!

I have 2 recipes to post. Last weekend I went on a baking spree! (This was before finding out I weigh 40 lbs more than 5 years ago. Yikes!)

But still, I loves me this recipe, (to speak redneck!) Chocolate Shortbread that uses 3 sticks of butter for one pan of cookies, is the ultimate rich indulgence.

This stuff is really awesome! The recipe is here, oh just wait til you taste them! My Italian MIL, who is a very accomplished cook/baker, thought there was cream cheese in them! THEY ROCK!

Now to post pics of my DD's B-day gift that I mentioned here. She just recieved her box Wednesday--that's more than a week after mailing it, but at least she got it before coming home for December! She flies in tomorrow--hope the impending snowstorm is done by then. She has to go back to her base in the desert on Jan 4. So glad she gets to be here for Christmas!!

Here is what I made her: two washcloths with the Marine Corps emblem, from this pattern. She really likes them, and recognized the pattern right away! Hee hee. Just a silly little gift, but it ended up being just right, as she was "a couple of washcloths down." We knew she was coming home soon, the details just weren't worked out at that time, so we only sent out a quick package with lots of homebaked goodies and the two washcloths!

Uh, oh. The snow flurries are starting. Gulp. Good thing I have no plans to go anywhere this weekend, except church and the airport. :)Good weekend to knit inside, with a
peppermint patty:
A mug of hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint schnapps in it! Can't tell ya how good that is, and warms ya right up :)


hakucho said...

Your daughter will be wanting more of those washcloths. Love the colors!

Those shortbread look delicious...I've never had chocolate ones before. Thanks for the recipe. I've put on a pound just looking at them ;)

Carola said...

Oh my god, what a slew of wonderful comments you have left at my blog, Aim! Thank you so much for the log cabin pattern links! I appreciate that so much.

But stop laughing at my music taste, evil wench :-)

Gotta try that peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate thingy...