Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Hello Kitty KAL

Look What I found on Ravelry:

I am so excited that I will get to be part of this KAL! A long-awaited HK themed KAL looks like a blast! Unfortunately, you have to be a member of Ravelry at this time to participate, which makes me glad I did finally sign up on the waiting list when I did in June, after reading about it for weeks on others' blogs...I got my invitation in September, and nothing's been the same since!!! Yay for ravelry :)

I will post pics here of the items I make....Oslofia has run two other HK KALs, both of which I found out about too late to be involved in them, so I'm a happy knitter right now :)
And there will be crochet patterns, too! Wheeee.

I had a really cool idea for an HK item myself....will keep it a secret until it starts to become a reality :)

And of course, all this must wait until Christmas knitting is finished.

I finished the Utopia hat for my Grampa earlier this week, and it took me a couple days to get down to the actual planning and knitting of the matching scarf.

The pattern is#36.2 from page 81 of the Harmony Guides 220 Aran Stitches and Patterns, Volume 5.

Utopia-matching Scarf:

(Size 7 needles on Catalina Baby Alpaca/Silk WW yarn)

LCC= left cross cable (slip next 3 onto cable needle, hold to front of work, knit the next 3 stitches, then knit the 3 off the cable needle)

RCC= right cross cable (Slip next 3 onto cable needle, hold to back of work, and knit next 3 stitches, knit the 3 off the cable needle)

Cast on 54 stitches.
Row 1: *Purl 2, Knit 2*, repeat * * across (ending with a purl 2).
Row 2-5: *K2, P2*, repeat * * across (ending with a knit 2).
On Row 6, begin pattern:

Section 1:
Row 6: *(K2, P2)twice, RCC, Purl 2, LCC, P2*. Repeat * * once more, K2, P2, K2.

Row 7 and all remaining odd rows: purl in the purls, and knit in the knits from previous row.

Row 8,10,14,16,20: *(K2, P2)twice,(K6, P2)twice*. Repeat * * once more, K2, P2, K2.
Row 12,18: Repeat row6.

Section 2:
Row 22,26,28,32,34,38: K2, P2, *K6, P2, (K2, P2)twice, K6, P2*. Repeat * * once more,K2.
Row 24,30,36: K2, P2, *LCC,P2, (K2, P2)twice, RCC, P2*. Repeat * * once more, K2.
Row 40: as row 8.

Repeat Section 1. From here on, you will alternate sections 1 & 2 for the desired length of the scarf, ending after completing a section 1. Then switch to K2, P2 rib, (maintaining rib pattern that runs throughout the scarf) for 5 rows, and BO in rib.

Let me know if there are mistakes in the pattern! (One thing I noticed: I am knitting the pattern upside down from the hat! It doesn't matter, because one end will be facing the right way anyway...)

Hope y'all like it :)


hakucho said...

Grampa's hat is wonderful and the matching scarf is beautiful. I would love to make a set for my Dad, but he'd never wear them. He's so set in his ways at 90 almost 91 years of age. He wears those caps(like from the 1940's) no ear covering at all. Oh, well...maybe my husband would like a set, but not for this Christmas. Thanks for writing up the pattern :)

Aim said...

You're welcome Hakucho! You know, I've never seen my grampa wear something like this, and he's 94 too--I wouldn't be surprised if he never wears it. But maybe the softness of the luxury fibers will change his mind :) I will keep my fingers crossed!

Opal said...

that hat and scarf set is beautiful!

Aim said...

Thanks Opal. It feels like a dream on your skin! I will definitely be making myself a winter set out of yarn like this!