Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Traditions

Here's a recipe that we make every winter, for Christmas, New Year's Eve, or just because we want something really yummy and hot to drink. You can make it on the stovetop, or use a crockpot on high until it gets hot, then turn down to the low setting to keep it hot for the duration of the party! We had this the night we trimmed the Christmas tree...

Hot Mulled Cider:
(makes 10 c.)
4 cups pineapple juice
6 cups apple cider or juice
3 sticks whole cinnamon
2 tsp whole cloves

Mix all in a pan on stovetop, or in the crockpot. Heat on low til steaming; serve hot. Great with doughnuts, or cookies. (If you have leftovers, be sure to remove the whole spices before refrigerating, as they will turn the juice bitter if left in.)

I have been named for a friendship award by Hakucho!

What a nice thing, thanks Hakucho! I really love the whole community of bloggers, you guys have all made my life more full since I started interacting with you!

In turn, I would like to bestow this award on my other faithful blog-pals:
Opal at Akamai Knitter (Thanks Opal, you've been there for me from the very beginning!)
Vyvyan at Knitting In a Happy Camper
Laura at Adventures in AK
Acornbud at Acornbud's Yarns
Shell at Fiber Among the Roses
Carola at My Living Room
I'd like to give it back to Hakucho as well--she's been a great source of information and advice!
I hope there is not anyone I forgot to mention. Anyone who comments on my blog deserves this award, because many people lurk but it's those who talk to me that have become my friends! Thanks, y'all :)


hakucho said...

Thanks for the hot mulled cider recipe! I have never heard about adding pineapple juice in with the cider. Sounds delicious and warming...we need that with the weather we have been having!

Thanks for giving the friendship award back to me :) hugs!

Acornbud said...

Thanks for the award, BD:) and for the recipe. And thanks for the friendship!

shell said...

Yum! Shall have to try that - I love to try different recipes.
Thank you so very much for the award!

Opal said...

Thank you, Aim! I've enjoyed watching your blog evolve as time has passed. Most of all I've loved your HK links! ;-)

Carola said...

Thanks so much, Aim. That's sweet of you. I love you :)

Vyvyan said...

I'm not worthy! But thank you none the less. I enjoy popping over to your blog and catching up with what's going on in your world.