Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hold everything--can we back up 3 weeks?

I'm asking this because of this pattern I just found on Ravelry. It's a knit turkey, and is he ever cute! I have 11-1/2 months to make him, now.

"If we could turn back ti-ime..."

I finished the Grandfather scarf, scarf #11, which is the Utopia Matching scarf. It's not quite as long as I like to make scarves, but it's long enough to be tucked into a coat. I hope Goompa likes the hat and scarf. I hope I remember to take a finished photo of it before I wrap and mail it tomorrow!

Am trying to make a hat to match my Dulaan Scarf for a bro...I don't feel particularly creative at this point, so instead of trying to make a pattern for the hat, I'll just knit one from an existing pattern, mindlessly, in the same yarn as the Dulaan scarf. I'm sure it will look fine together.

Am starting to feel a tiny bit stressed about the holiday knitting. I still haven't made my master list to see who's left to knit for. At this point, I feel that whoever doesn't have a project going, will get a purchased gift instead. I have to draw the line somewhere, and if there's one thing I dislike, it's stress at Christmas time. I want to take time to reflect on Jesus' birth, and what it means to me, not worry about accomplishing things. So, I will be wrestling with getting this under control this weekend.

Internal wrestling. Don't ya just love it?!

Here's your first Aim-onym:

Mosquitogenic: Peanut butter and bananas are two of the most mosquitogenic foods, from what I've read. Usually people who eat those items in the summer are the people the skeeters love to munch!

Look at this beautiful cabled hoodie that is ankle-length! Wow is that a work of art! The pattern is posted in Finnish, but if you are on Ravelry, there's a group for help with translating patterns from this site...That designer makes some beautiful things. If nothing else, there are some great charts for cables, socks, lace, and fair-isle patterns here, so even if you cannot understand Finnish, there's something :)

Here's a Jingle-Bell Socks pattern! Very cute, I'd like these w/o the bells for later in the year :)

And here are some cute slippers!


Opal said...

and here I thought you were asking because you were behind on gift knitting. :-)

that turkey is seriously cute though. and the hoodie? wow. i love it.

hakucho said...

Glad you got Grampa's scarf finished! You just keep finding more great patterns, don't you? You are driving me to distraction ;) Hugs :) :)

happy knitting :)

Aim said...

Opal: yeah, that too :)