Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What I want for Christmas

I really want one of these for Christmas:

Oh, Jordana Paige, I am in love with your knitting bags! This is called Bella, and it's just gorgeous!!

Drool. That is probably the prettiest knitting bag I have ever seen!

I have made incremental progress on the grampa scarf in the past 2 days. Just not spending all my time knitting, like I need to be! Although I am knitting at work on my lunch hour again, as it's too crappy outside to go home for lunch :)

I found a really cool hat pattern last night, that I think I will try to make either for myself or my girlfriend. The cinnabar hat. Shh, it's a secret.... Apparently there's a matching scarf published on Magknits. Cute hat.

Here's my pear tree (the one I said holds its leaves nearly half the winter) on Saturday night during the ice storm we had. It's right outside my back door. See my pretty red and green christmas tree with natural icicles hanging off it?! Who needs boxes of ornaments?!


hakucho said...

I sure hope Santa bring you what you want for Christmas :)

Opal said...

Oh that bag is gorgeous! I hope you get it!

Valerie said...

oh hi! I'm Valerie - I'm really gald you liked my Hello Kitty look-a-like pattern and that you made a couple-
I've enjoyed looking at your blog

Valerie said...

oops - I mean I'm GLAD

Aim said...

Valerie: I LOVE your HK look-alike pattern. I'm so glad you posted it on-line. I made one for a friend, but really want to knit one for me!! So it's one of my next projects to come....Thanks for visiting :)