Saturday, December 29, 2007

winter kitty/winter Knitty

Look what DD gave me for Christmas! Wheeeeeee.

I wanted to show some pics of some of the holiday treats my Italian FIL fixed for us christmas weekend:

Look at all the traditional goodies! The cannoli I helped fill--that was a first for me. It's pretty fun to do that part of it :) Then I had to eat them all so they wouldn't get soggy, heh. I must diet now....

The winter KNITTY has some great patterns. I want to try this one. What a neat Fair Isle pattern. Not that I really want to start another scarf--I almost don't care if I never see another scarf! But that pattern is wild....maybe I'll make a bag from it. We'll see....

I am about 25% into the Hemlock Ring Blanket. I did not have the right size needles, in fact I am making due with a 60" circular US 10.5 needle and 10.5 DPNs. It works okay, but the excess loopiness of the cable on the circular needle can get in the way sometimes. I'm just too stubborn to wait until I buy appropriate needles :) Wanted to start this RIGHT NOW, if you get my drift!

It's a pretty fun pattern so far; I cranked on it while I watched City Slickers this morning at 1 AM when DH's RLS woke me up after 5 hours of sleep. Yes, I admit I went to bed at 8 PM; it's been a "long" work week, even if it was a short one! I think it's post-Christmas stress disorder.

I am also into Ballerina, the Hanne Falkenberg kit I bought in August. I was a good girl, I waited until after Christmas to start it :) I have sooooooooo many projects planned, and so little time. And the ideas are tumbling around in my brain like lotto balls in the cage--which pattern will be the winner, the next one to make it out into the light of day?! Heh.


hakucho said...

Those sweets look amazing! I love that his pizzele edges are so perfect. The ones I make are so irregular. Relax now that Christmas is over and hope you have lots of happy knitting with your wonderful new projects :)

Opal said...

What an adorable ornament! Lucky girl!

Looking forward to seeing progress pictures of your Hemlock.

Happy New Year!

shell said...

OHHHH you figured it out---
I totally love that.
Can't wait to see the progress on the Hanne Falkenburg.
Happy New Year!

Carola said...

I am curious to see pictures of the Hemlock, and I love the HK ornament. I'm not normallly a HK fan, but I'm probably falling for her and that's all your fault! I want one of those ornaments too LOL!