Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas, and Hello Kitty

but not necessarily in that order....

Look at the cute HK ornament you can crochet! The pic shows her ears a bit large, but I bet you could adjust that! I will make one for my tree this year, heh! The ones I saw on Ravelry used small black buttons for eyes and it looks better that way....

There are some cute HK washcloth patterns available here. Do you know, there is also a webpage where all kind of HK charts are found, and you could make your own washcloth from one of those patterns. Also there are beaded kitties here. (For all of these, you must scroll down through the patterns to see HK.)

Did you all ever see the HK crocheted backpack? Cute, huh!?

I'm on cute overload!

We decorated our Christmas tree tonight. DD came over, and all 4 of us decorated and made the crookedest tree ever look just right. This tree's trunk looks like a spine: it has lordosis and kyphosis going on, snicker. But it 'cleans up nice' with a few ornaments!

I finished the scarf and hat set for my Grampa, wrapped them and mailed them off today. Here are pics of my finished work, posing before their trip to Michigan:

Turned out pretty okay I think :)
Instructions for the scarf here. Hat instructions here.

Have a peaceful holiday season everyone! And a safe, happy and long-lasting weekend!


Oslofia said...

Love the hat and scarf!!! I think that a Hello Kitty ornament would be great...I might make one too :)

hakucho said...

Grampa's hat and scarf set is just beautiful. I know he'll just love them when he see them :) The hello kitty ornament is very cute. Perfect little gift for a little girl :)

happy knitting (and crocheting) :)

Opal said...

I think your Grandpa will just love the hat and scarf set. What a great present!