Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New WISTs, and some whining...

Wow, look at the cables on this beautiful throw from Berocco!

I would love to snuggle under something so classy. I bet that would be really warm in wool/alpaca--probably a pricey blanket in that yarn. This pattern may be in my future, or something similar. Pattern here.

But I have to tell you, I bought Cascade ecological wool to make a Hemlock Ring Blanket. The yarn is sitting there calling my name. Everyday I hear it. I don't know how much longer I can stand this Christmas-knitting-to-the-exclusion-of-everything-else!

My friend Robin said, "The day after Christmas, you are going to be knitting all your own projects like a wild-woman" (or something to that effect--I may have embellished it some) :D

She's right. I am over-stimulated by all the great projects, ideas, designs, yarns, plans, and blogging going on! I am super-saturated, I think knitting is oozing out of my pores (oh, sorry, that's my skin cream.)

It is time to make some lists: I need to officially list who-all I have made gifts for, and who's left (don't ya love my grammar!) I need to make my Christmas card list. I need to list my stash, so I can plan what next! (I just erased a whole lot of whining here, you can thank me later.)

I think this is a neat idea: the reduction tote bag in crochet. It's like one of those pillow-blankets that were so popular about 10 years ago (when I was mostly a quilter); you make the finished bag, then you make an attached pocket into which the bag folds up when not in use. That way you can keep it in your purse for use as needed! Cool idea :)

Well, I will see you all later in the week.
Bye, from snowbound Aim.


Acornbud said...

The bag look very handy!

hetty said...

Great ideas and great patterns! I love the throw and the blanket is fantastic! But I think I will make the tote bag first - for my environmentally-conscious daughter! It will make a terrific stocking stuffer!

shell said...

Oh I am so with you on the day after Christmas to knit for me!! Looks like you have some good planning to do ...hope it rubs off on me.

hakucho said...

I want make everything I see, too. Thee are so many great projects, but I just have to get my Christmas knitting done first...then I'll let me head spin as to what to make next ;)

Good luck finishing and trying to be free of distractions :)

Opal said...

Oh the list-making joy. It can either be a process of much relief and organization or a process that overwhelms the senses all over again. Which is why I tend to steer clear of making too many. Here's hoping your list-making gives you a clear head!