Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hospital Knitting :)

(Click to view the sun-spotlight across the lake!)

I finished my Grampa's hat today on my lunch break. I took my knitting to the Doctor's Lounge in the hospital, sat on the sofa while I ate, and then knit while watching the world news on the wide-screen flat-panel TV! Got a lot of comments from various people there, PAs, MDs, the medical librarian--all wanted to know what I was making! It was nice to be able to show them something nearly finished, so the muggles didn't have trouble visualizing what it was!


That hat has totally sold me on this yarn, the Catalina baby alpaca/silk is incredibly drapey and soft. I think I need to make me a nice sweater out of this.... :) I told ya that 2008 is going to be The Year Of Knitting For Aim, didn't I?!

I will thoroughly enjoy knitting my grampa a matching scarf, which I am going to start tonight. I'll post instructions once I get started :) SMarieK is nice, she has given not only the instructions for her hat, but also the corresponding page reference in a stitch dictionary to the pattern, so I'll be able to go to BGW and figure out the scarf easily.

And I will probably use size 7 needles this time.

Big old mean boss comes back tomorrow. I didn't even know he was gone until Monday morning--what kind of communication is that, where an MD doesn't even tell his PA when he's going to be gone?! This is a very wierd office he runs here. And I admit, I am having trouble calming the resentment that was induced here. Maybe it IS time to find another position....I don't know, I'm so confused. It rocks to work so close to home, to get free hot meals twice daily and an hour for lunch. Should I continue to put up with crap? Maybe it's time to get started acquiring my Hawaii PA license....The move there may be closer than I think :)

I leave you with sequential views of my puppy in Michigan, quite a happy camper!
(scroll down fast for stop-action views!)


Carola said...

You know, Aim, I've been wondering.

Why "Bumpy Doink"? There's gotta be a story in there somewhere.

Aim said...

You are so right! See my second ever blog post for that ;)


laura said...

I absolutely love this action series! Pup looks so happy running in the fall leaves!

hakucho said...

I really love knowing the origin of your blog's name. Kids are so funny. If it were up to my oldest son to name my middle son...his name would have been Earwig. Glad that one didn't stick, but it is brought up very often :)

Good luck with Grampa's scarf...hat pictures? Can't wait to see them :)