Saturday, November 24, 2007

Finished scarf #9

Did I mention I finished Wavy? I finished it because I was tired of it. Man what a boring scarf to knit. So it's a tad bit shorter than I'd planned, but I could not continue with it, it was making me downright disgusted!

So I now feel that freedom you get when you finish a project: what to start on next? Last night, I bought some gorgeous catalina alpaca/silk yarn in a caramel brown color to make a scarf (and I hope, a hat) for my grandfather. He should surely get a luxury item like that, to keep him warm this winter! Michigan is really cold :)

These are pics from some vintage knit/crochet books I bought on Ebay:

gotta love the ripple skirt! (I really like the model's pose, myself, ha ha haaaa! Yes, you look elegant, dahling.)

I love the triangular grannies! Fun stuff.

Okay, I am going to let you know what is in my crockpot right now: insanely easy vegetarian chili! I got the recipe from here, and it tastes marvelous. I added extra veg to the pot: 2 baby eggplants & a zucchini, chopped. I also added some gray salt. (I would probably skip the can of corn next time. It seems a little out of place)
The recipe says to make it on the stovetop (done in 20 minutes!), but I love my crockpot to be running all day while I'm pottering about the house. I am having a bowl of the chili right now. This tastes great with a chunk of chewy bread on the side, and some cheese over the top. Must have: a large glass of cold milk, to take the edge off the spiciness (I used a bit more chile powder than called for.)

Yum yum. Who cares if it's freezing outside?!

Went to knitting last night. I swapped the pattern for the alligator scarf with a knitter who made the dragon scarf (both from Morehouse Farm Knits). So I may be making another cool scarf for a boy soon :) And I finally wore my crocheted spiderweb cardi. It was fun to show off my FO!!

Must clean the sewing room today. I mislaid a pattern just around the time someone asked me for it (6 months ago) and it is driving me crazy that it's around here somewhere but I can't find it! Up until that point, it was stored in a place where I could put my hands on it at any given time >:|


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hakucho said...

Glad you finished wavy. Sorry it was so boring to knit. Hopefully you'll enjoy knitting the scarf/hat for your grandfather. It's always enjoyable to knit with really nice yarn :)

happy knitting :)