Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bosses suck

Why do I always seem to land in the worst possible job positions? I was really cooking along for the past 20 months in my current job, thinking this could be the one job I'd stick with for 5-7 years before moving to Hawaii. Then yesterday.....all hell broke loose.

Why do some bosses seem to think they can harrass you? What makes my boss think I will remain in a position where I am called "a f**king moron" and where I'm threatened with being fired for not understanding some random command he throws at me? Really. Why do physicians in particular have such a problem controlling themselves? And WHY DO I ALWAYS WORK FOR THE WORST OF THEM?!

I took the day off today. Without notice. I will not be treated like that. I have more respect for myself than to put up with being trod upon. Isn't it the snake that says 'don't tread on me'? I've had lawyerly discussions about many a previous boss's heavy-handedness, and left many a previous boss in the dust. This snake has fangs....But why does it keep happening? I don't want to use my fangs. I want to work a happy job, live a happy life. I don't get it.

I've come to the conclusion that I must have 'sucker' written across my forehead, and 'kick me' written across my back.

Okay, I know that not everyone reading this blog will enjoy my crybabying, reality though it is. So, on to the knitting, of which I happily got some done today! I was on Ravelry at 4 AM (with puffy swollen red eyes, I might add) and found some very cool things.

One is this great knitting booklet from Sweden (oops, I mean Norway, thanks Carola!). Scroll down to see all the patterns for beautiful gloves, mittens, and socks. I really would like to score a copy of this book, even though I'm sure it's written in non-English! Wouldn't you think the patterns are charted....? If anyone knows where I could get a copy, please let me know. That would be incredible!

A beautiful knock-off sweater from a Victoria's Secret sweater. It's cabled, and there's a whole blog page about similar patterns here! It's in French, but look at the amazing photos of cabled A-line sweaters.....Wonderful collection!

And I found this cute sideways sock on Magknits. Never saw this before...scroll down to see the piano key version!!! I'm as big a sucker for piano key designs as I am for patriotic designs! Cute.

Really into peacocks right now. Don't know why. Might be due to this pattern(scroll down), but this past weekend I had to have these earrings:
Gaudy as all get-out, I know, but they are hinged and look really cool! ;o

And while I was browsing ravelry, I also visited Tejemanejes. Haven't been to that site in a while, but I found this really cool hat pattern, with links to many other hat patterns at the bottom! I love the fair-isle hats.

Well, I'm looking at another nice day off tomorrow. Hopefully the sun will shine again. Will try to get some knitting done. I may have plenty of days off ahead if this job falls apart. We'll see on Monday what's up.


Carola said...

The booklet itself is in norwegian, rather than Swedish, although the site itself is in Swedish. The pamphlet is in Norwegian and all the patterns as well. It doesn't say if they are charted. And you can only get the pattern by buying yarn. The pattern itself costs about 25 USD. Not cheap, but boy, how many pretty patterns that are included!

Aim said...

Thanks Carola! Obviously I speak neither Norwegian nor Swedish ;o) But at least I know the price and what language it is in now!!!!! Thank you.

hakucho said...

So sorry about your work troubles...sure hope things improve real soon! Ravelry is wonderful, but I must say it makes my head spin...I see so much I want to can we figure out how to get more time or more arms to do everything we want? Good thing we have our knitting to distract us or we probably would go crazy ;)

happy knitting :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your work problems! I think I attract bosses like that too - except in my case it's always been lawyers who are difficult!

Ravelry munches on my free time as if it were a starving goat. I love those earrings! I don't think they're that gaudy :)

shell said...

Oh man- I want that book too! I just got Selbuvotter this week - and I so love it. Fair Isle has me in its grasp! I really like those earrings too!
Sorry about the issue with the boss - I just hate that. You deserve to be treated with respect!

Aim said...

Wow, you guys, thanks a million for all the good thoughts, and commiseration! Makes me feel a bit better. Ahhhhh. :D

Opal said...

Wow. Sounds like you landed the boss from hell. I do know that doctors have egos the size of .... gigantic things though. (Mind is not operating yet.)

I love those peacock earrings! I don't care of they're gaudy! Are they gaudy?