Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chevron Scarf, finished!

Yay, Chevron scarf finished and job saved!!! Woo hoo.
My work here is done ;o)

I feel very relieved today. Crisis over. My boss and I had a good discussion. We will start afresh on Monday. I really do love my job, and don't want to lose it, but I don't deserve to be talked to like that.

'Nuff about that! I finished my chevron scarf! Had not touched it in 5 months, and got really bored with Wavy, so pulled out the chevron and finished it up. Those 6 hours I spent at knitting group Friday night paid off! Yay, an FO! And it's for me!(And I got some free group therapy to boot!)

I baked Friday. I made these Blueberry Breakfast Bars from Farmgirl. Yum they were great. I ended up using only one pint of blueberries, and a jar of blueberry preserves, since the berries are out of season and terribly expensive. (And I forgot to buy frozen ones!) So I had that for breakfast today with a mug of hot apple cider. Mmmmm mm!

I sold all these on Ebay! Yay.

However, the other 20 books did not sell. I will be re-listing them I guess, along with the knitting book from this previous post. I am tempted to pull even more of my medical books and list those, too....I have WAY too many--it's actually ridiculous. Time to shave back the ridiculous in my life!

Speaking of ridiculous: the Chicago Bears play this afternoon =} I will be working on Wavy during that game. Hope to get some good progress made. I want to be done with that scarf! Must start another...Christmas is closing in!


shell said...

So glad to hear you and the boss managed to deal with the problem - I certainly hope he realizes how good an employee you are!
Wow - I am still working on finishing my gloves. Hope to have them finished by Tuesday night.

Opal said...

Oh I'm so glad you reached a resolution with your boss. Here's hoping it's a long-term problem solver.

Love the chevron scarf!

Aim said...

Thanks Opal!