Sunday, November 25, 2007

World wide readers!

It is so much fun to see the locations of all my readers! I was online (for hours) yesterday, trying to learn how to add html buttons to my sidebar, for all the groups and KALs I'm participating in. I happened to look at my visitor map, and I had 9 visitors all at one time! That's a new record for me, and really fun. Thanks for reading, everyone!!!

I found a granny square Christmas stocking pattern online for free.
Isn't that cute!? Pic from the website where instructions are listed.

Here is an Amigurumi Nativity to crochet!!!
How fun is that?! And you get the whole set of patterns in a booklet!

And look at the great felted light-up Christmas trees!!!!!
How cute! And looks simple enough :) Pic from the website where instructions are listed.

I am really into Christmas this year! Must be because of the early snows we've experienced, and all the wonderful Christmas music I have heard in the past week!!! Yay for Christmas =D

I need to get out my Christmas tree toilet paper roll cover I purchased after posting it here. I really think that's great, and I had bought the kit, so I have the acrylic yarn to crochet it with....Will have to get started! Today is knitting-football-games-day, so maybe I'll get some stuff done. That would be nice.

I'm rambling. Sorry. It's early on Sunday, and I need to really get into the shower to jump-start my day. I might come back later if I have anything important to post, otherwise, I'll let you all go in peace :)


p.s. here's a pic of my Huevos Rancheros I had for breakfast this morning:

I used the chili I had made yesterday instead of salsa. Yum that was good, and I wasn't hungry again until 8 hours later :)


Carola said...

Oh, I love the Granny X-mas stocking. If stockings for small presents were tradition in Sweden, I'd make one.

Hm, maybe it's time to start another tradition LOL.

As for me making the babette, I haven't thought of it. Those squares on the picture were sent to charity. You know that "Rebuilding Greensburg" thing.

But maybe that'd be a good idea ...

Aim said...

Sure, start another tradition, Carola! Stockings are a fun thing :) I want to make my puppies each one for next year!! We always try to get the dogs some kind of treat or new toy on Christmas, it would be fun to have it in a stocking like the rest of us!!

p.s. I am contemplating making a Babette myself :)

Acornbud said...

Hmm so cute inspirations!