Saturday, August 11, 2007

3 AM

Sigh. It's 3 AM, and #1 son has 2 friends "sleeping over"--let's call it that loosely, as they are doing anything but sleep. They just woke me up, and you know what happens when you're in your 40's and your sleep is disrupted----

You post on your blog!!! There is an upside, heh ;0)

Okay, so this weekend is Knitter's Midwest. I had planned to go today, but an old friend called early in the week, said she'd be in town, and I decided to host a small get-together tonight with all of us who used to work together. We had worked in a government facility that was run so poorly, and by such incredible morons, that those of us who are normal formed a really tight bond. It was the only way to survive such a cartoon of a workplace. We must get together, now that we have each dispersed to the four corners of the earth!!! We ran away from that place en masse, as fast as we could ;)

So I'd planned to stay home today, get the house ready, and go to Knitter's tomorrow--except I threw my back out on Thursday night (after having done the same on Monday). Now I'm afraid to go anywhere I might be carrying large bundles, so I may not get to go to Knitter's after all. I'm living on the heating pad. Grrrr. (But I'm getting lots of knitting done!)

I may stay home instead this weekend. To mollify my annoyance, I may treat myself to this (scroll down): have been eyeballing a Hanne Falkenberg kit called Ballerina. It looks like the pattern is only available if I pop for the whole kit. Maybe I'll treat myself to this after taking my board exam....yes I should dangle the carrot that way! (Oops, too late, since I found it here for $120 less than anywhere in the US) And here is someone charting the patterns for those who own them....

Look at this cute crocheted toilet paper roll cover:
I'm not usually one to like those extremely kitschy things, but this is really cute!

And look at the snowflake doily:

That's pretty and looks easy to make.

Here is a beautiful crocheted afghan I'm thinking of making (someday!) What a beautiful scrap afghan! It was in a book that was being auctioned on Ebay. I was bidding, but I could tell one of the other bidders was kindof rabid about the book, so I started looking for it on the web to see what my top bid should be. I found it for $24.95, just after the item closed for $71 on Ebay!!!! And no, I did not bid that much for it. Now it is coming to me from Maggie's Crochet--I should get it soon! (P.S. this book continues to be auctioned on Ebay with a very low starting price if you want to try to get it below retail!)
Those are really awesome--from the same book. There is also a really cute book of patriotic designs, which I am a sucker for! Look at this cute version of a ripple:

And this book with a granny on the cover:

I also love the afghan on the cover of this book:

And look at the granny shirt:

How cool is that in crochet!
And this Christmas afghan too:


Opal said...

I'm sorry to hear you threw your back out! I hope you feel better soon.

sharonslp said...

Oh, do make the ballerina. The pattern is a b*%#th to follow, but the end result is well worth it. I'm looking forward to following your progress.

twellve said...

those are some great crochet examples. i really like the snowflake doily, scrap afghan and granny shirt!