Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Aim's Library is Growing

This morning's sky:
That is the moon in the upper corner, nearly obscured by the heavy humidity and misty clouds. Drops had formed on my lens it is so humid!!

I got another book off my list. I am a confirmed bibliophile. I must go through my books to sell the ones I don't need/want/use. Because my 900 sq foot house can only hold so many books, and yarn is competing with it for space!
This has been a "must have" since reading reviews on Rome at Home.

Another mention of this book, with a sample recipe is given at
this site.

I came across another no-knead bread recipe at one of my favorite blogs:
Posy Gets Cozy.

And another rave
recipe from Wednesday Chef. All looking yummy. (You can tell I'm battening down the hatches for the crummy cold weather soon to come! In about 6 weeks temps will be dropping--bleh)

Other books going on here:
I love, love love the Brock & Bodie Thoene books. This is 5th in the series of the lives and times of people living when Jesus ministered. Imagine being one of the Lepers that he healed, or a blind beggar, whose lives were forever changed by his miracles. The authors really flesh out the details of life in those days and they have done a lot of research. I love this book series, and hope they continue for a long while--they are still writing books in this series. I have also read their Zion Chronicles, and the related series--about 15 years ago. Amazing writing.

Not that I'm making much progress on these books. But I can read a paragraph or two before I fall asleep each night!


Opal said...

Your morning sky picture is just gorgeous! I wish I could dye some yarn in those colours.

Aim said...

What a great idea Opal! You definitely have the eye for picking that out!!! :)