Monday, August 6, 2007

Scarf #3

An update on scarfiness: I just cast on for the Kureopatora Snake Scarf. This is a cool pattern, the ribbing stretches and makes a funky wavy pattern up the scarf. This is a good pattern for me, because I am new to entrelac. I tried to knit the garterlac washcloth from Criminy Jickets, but because I've never done entrelac before, and I was using a slippery braided cotton on smaller needles than I usually use, I gave up after getting all confused. I think I either need to be using some thick and lovely Sugar 'n Cream cotton on size 7s, or I need to try a worsted scarf in entrelac first. Kureopatora's Snake appears to be somewhat related, so I'm getting a taste of it.
I love it. Not sure I like the way the colors are falling into place, though, I wanted it to be stripier, but maybe if I made it on a larger # of stitches to make the scarf slightly wider, it would create thinner stripes? Or just longer ones? Hmmm. This may end up being my test swatch! (But I think it looks better in the photo)

The specs are below:
Pattern: Kureopatora Snake Scarf

Source: String or Nothing

Yarn: Nashua Tweed Stripes, in Citrus colorway, worsted weight 100% wool

Needles: US7

Work remaining: about 40 more inches!

Size: yet to be determined!

Mods: I accidentally changed the even rows on the entrelac portion, to K1 P1, instead of P1 K1. Not sure how that looks compared to how it should, but I'm continuing with that method. It works because I am doing it consistently throughout the whole section, but I may be missing a rib portion by doing this--will have to see!


Opal said...

Funky scarf! I think it's going to look so nifty when you're done. I like the way the colours are progressing.

Aim said...

Thanks Opal!