Monday, August 13, 2007


That's what I think of Mondays, too!
Oh well, back to the grind....

More evidence of my bad behavior on the internet: I now have 2 more books from my list. Been wanting both these for a while....

In the lace style book, I really want to make this shawl:

And this shirt is pretty too:

But the shawl is the reason I purchased the book. Love that lily-of-the-valley pattern. Que magnifico!

Another scarf finished yesterday. I'll show you tomorrow! :p


Opal said...

What a cute picture of your dog! *hee*

I love that shawl pattern! But all those nupps might drive me insane. :)

Aim said...

It will probably be one of those patterns with a love-hate relationship by the time I'm done!!!