Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Washcloth Lust

McD's HK offer is over, and here's my haul of canisters:

I just love it! I can keep different sewing and knitting supplies in these. Cute!

I had to put aside the whole scarf thing for a day or two, cuz I'm getting bored with it! So, I did what I had to do......I made another washcloth!

It joins a nice thick stack of my homemade washcloths in the linen cupboard....

Love the 4 corners washcloth! I am trying to tweak it so I don't have such large holes across the center:

My solution this time out has been to slip as if to purl, with the yarn in back of the needles, at the beginning of each even row, and that seems to make it a tad less holey. I wonder, if I just don't slip the stitch at all, if I just leave it as a knit stitch, what kind of difference would that make? Hmmmm.


Opal said...

Oh I love the McD's HK cups! I don't think our McD's had that promotion. :-(

JL said...

I cant bear to use such lovely dishcloth !

Aim said...

But JL, it's a washcloth, for washing your face or showering with! It's luxury all the way :)