Friday, August 10, 2007

Washcloth craze

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I LOVE knitted washcloths :)

wow I thought I was really going off on the washcloths, but look at Mason Dixon's post from last year--guess I'm following right behind all those other crazed knitters who have gone before me!!!!

I feel myself gravitating toward washcloths again. I love them so much! And as my ripple afghan in Sugar 'n Cream nears its end, I can foresee tons of great washcloth cotton left over--hmmm, what to make, what to make?! I'll be very busy with all my Christmas knitting, but I want to make myself another washcloth soon! Because, frankly, some of the old one's I knit a few years ago, are starting to wear out. And I must have a plethora of washcloths to go with my cottage-y decor!

Convertible is being badly neglected. I was realizing I may not have enough of the yarn after all that work. Must find the tag for it, and yardage, b/c methinks it is not going to be sufficient. We'll see--the back burner is where you'll find this project. I still want to make something of the sort, and that wool is really tasty to the fingers!

Also on hold is the Chevron scarf. It is in the bottom of my bag, about 1/2 done, waiting patiently to be picked up again...."I'm coming honey!" Last time I posted about this project (or even thought about it) was back in May!!! Oops :D


Acornbud said...

The washcloths make great gifts are soft enought to bath with. Happy knitting:)

Aim said...

Thanks acornbud! I did think of that, but every time I make one, I want to keep it for myself!!!!Heh.