Sunday, November 4, 2007

Package from Sweden

This is a picture heavy post!!! I got sump'm from Sweden, I got sump'm from Sweden....

Remember my yarn swap with Carola? My package came in the mail this week! She is quite the shopper, look at what she sent me:

Some HK goodies, and I love the stationery:

Yummy chocolate (small ones already eaten!):
Alllllllll kinds of goodies, and we haven't even touched on the yarn yet!
Look at the beautiful box of yarns:
There are mohair yarns:
And beautiful cotton yarns (for a probable crochet project):

And look at the Rag-Yarns from Schachenmeyer:

I'm in hog heaven, thank you so much Carola! What a great package to get in the middle of a doldrums work-week! Now comes the planning...hmmm, what shall I make with the yarns?


shell said...

WOW---- What a cool package! I would be rolling in it all! I love all the books- can't wait to see what you come up with!

Aim said...

Yes, didn't she send me the cat's meow?!?! I am so lucky--I feel very rich today :)

Carola said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the package, Aim. Even though it came so late that I'm still embarrassed about it. I had it finished at the end of August, when I got off to my friend's house.

I asked hubby over and over again. Please, post the package to Aim, pretty please and he went - "Yeah, I will, I will", but it wasn't until end of October when I was on my way home that he finally did.

Groan. MEN! :) But I do really love him to bits, anyway!

Vyvyan said...

You lucky dog! I'm so jealous.

Opal said...

Awesome swag. :)