Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Swatching has begun on my ballerina swing coat. I decided not to wait to start that project, as it looks like it will be a fun knit, and I'd like to wear it before the sweater season is over....

I decided to weigh the yarn that comes with it, so I can recreate the pattern in another color later. The kits themselves are pretty expensive. I have a feeling that I will try one of Hanne Falkenberg's other designs after Ballerina is completed. There are some really neat patterns she sells in kit form.

I need to also start the next scarf, which will likely be either the DNA scarf or the Dulaan scarf (see previous posts.) Can't start right now, as my yarn is buried in the closet in the bedroom where DH is snoring away!

Hey, speaking of scarf....have you seen
the Vertigo Scarf? What a beautifully colorful scarf! I love the combination of a multicolor yarn with a solid yarn this way. I would like to get my hands on some of the rainbow yarn she used! :)

I am also interested in doing a double-knit scarf, in bi-colors of either red and white, or green and white. I think that could be very graphic, AND being a double layer of knit fabric would make it pretty warm and special! On my to do list for sure!

Today I am thinking of all my UFOs. I still have the blue beauty sweater to finish, and that should be a priority because I love that yarn. Love love love it. Also need to work on my Mananita! And I never have learned to ply my spun singles yet, so spinning is on hold since my spindle is full! Not enough time in the day for fiber fun!

With that thought, I'm off. Must catch a few more ZZZZZs before it's time to get up and start the workday. It's hump day, and a full moon. Hmmm, what does that portend?!
See ya! ;o)

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