Saturday, September 1, 2007

Free time-- what's that?

OMG it's done. I mean over. I am completely prostrate after the stress of the past couple of weeks. Between exam review week, a virulent mono-like illness, the board exam today, and the long drawn-out death of someone from our office, I have just about had my fill of stress.

So, on my way home from the exam today, I swung over to my favorite yarn store. It's chock full of the best yarns I've ever seen. Haven't been there in about 8 months, cuz it is somewhat out of the way, and I always spend money when I'm in there.

But I got myself a treat--look at this gorgeous silk yarn:
100% silk!!! Look at the sheen! It's so yummy I can hardly stop touching it! I think I am going to make myself the ultimate luxury washcloth (I can hear the collective gasp now!) Ooooh it's going to feel so good.
And I found she had a stock of one of my favorite yarns: Nashua Wooly Stripes. I love, love, love this stuff. Didn't know it came in so many colorways! I got 2 new ones :)

And a new color of the cotton chenille. Loving the blues and greens together these days....And it seems to be all about washcloths :) Well enough about my treats. The biggest treat of all is being done with the raunchy exam. Sigh. Now my agenda includes a wake tomorrow, and planning for the big trip in 11 days, and a birthday in the next week. Will things ever slow down?! I thought it was supposed to get better when your kids were older....? Where did August go?! I haven't even paid my bills yet. Sigh....

Good news is: I'll see ya'll tomorrow!

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Acornbud said...

Hope the exam went well. That some lovely shop therapy. The silk looks so luxurious!