Monday, September 10, 2007

of bees & chocolate

Picture this: I get a phone call at work today at 4 pm. My DS called to tell me one of the dogs wouldn't come in from being outside in the back today. Finally, after being called and called, my puppy came around the corner of the house...."covered with a hundred bees, with about a hundred more following him!" My son took such good care of him before he called me, I'm so proud of him. He spent a 1/2 hour killing the bees that he kept getting out of the dog's fur (you KNOW how furry my dog is), then he called the vet, and they advised him to monitor the dog. So he called me. And, he tried to find the hive himself, before it started raining like gang-busters. But he couldn't find it, so we can't take action to get rid of it yet! Yikes.
We had a great day at work today, if a day at work can be called great! It was someone's b-day, and so we all pitched in and ordered a choco-banana arrangement from Edible Arrangements, pictured above (after we all munched on it for a day!) It was delivered with a balloon, and was it ever good! Yummy fruit, with some of it covered in a thick coating of chocolate....Then our boss paid for lunch, and I got spinach/feta pizza that was incredible!

I didn't get around to knitting much on my lunch hour b/c I was busy socializing and eating! That's a nice trade-off sometimes :) But now I am home in my cozy house, it is pouring rain out, and I have my knitting and some soup on the stove....with some cornbread in the oven. Then I have to begin to organize my packing for the trip. We leave in 2 days for Savannah, Georgia! Yay!


Opal said...

oh your poor son and your poor dog! that sounds horrifying!

shell said...

I would have been freaked out to see that sight! Your son deserves a big hug as does the beautiful pup! Wow that is scary! Hope you find the nest and eliminate it fast!
Glad that there was no ill effects from the incident!

Tim said...

Wow! I think your son and deserve a break from that big beescapade. And what better than a little music?


Aim said...

good one, unco! (that's my bro, everyone)