Sunday, September 9, 2007

Scarf #6 specs, and Scarf #7

Here's the scoop on scarfy #6, in that novelty yarn I was talking about yesterday:

Pattern: Garter stitch over 22 stitches
Source: just a made up pattern
Yarn: "No Bo" No Boundaries (W*lm*rt brand) 50 gm per ball (57%Acrylic, 24% Nylon, 18% Wool, 1% metallic) color number 379/1 Mul 1057--this stuff was really cheap! And remarkably soft....
Needles: US13
Work remaining: 4 more balls of yarn?

Mods: I don't know, maybe at the ends I might do bobble fringes or something funky....

I also started scarf #7, which is the reversible cable scarf from Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman. So far it's a fun knit, despite the fact I can't find ANY of my cable needles (I just bought a couple new ones on sale--where the heck did I put them?!) I'm making-do with a DPN for now. It's in the same yarn as Crazy Weave, but a different color. Here's a preview:I have really dropped the ball when it comes to posting recipes--sorry y'all. I may bake something today--can't leave the house b/c I might miss the phone call from DD from boot camp! She gets to call home today, for the first time since leaving in June, and graduates into full Marine-hood later this week! We are traveling to Savannah on Wednesday to see her graduation. And a huge contingent of extended family is going too! Can't wait!
Today should be a catch-up day, and a relax day. Finally! We threw a surprise B-day party for DS yesterday, and it worked out well. We've been having a population explosion of spiders in this house, so 'bug-bomb'-ing the house was our cover story. Which was brilliant, I must say! He was supposed to stay away from the house for 4 hours, then be home at 1:00 pm to help us wipe down all surfaces. He was very surprised when he walked in the house and we all shouted, "Surprise!!!!!" It was a good day :-D (Now, when can we actually bug-bomb.....?) Decorations by DH! Didn't he do a good job?!

I would like to spin today. I am going to learn to ply my singles, because I have not been able to spin since my drop spindle is full to the brim! This is the first time I've had a chance....

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