Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hanne, Hanne, Hanne

At the risk of sounding repetitive, here's a post I wrote while on my study-break from blogging! I forgot I hadn't posted this yet....Just a rehashing of yesterday's post, with pics and more links:

Oooooh, I got my Hanne Falkenberg pattern & yarn kit in the mail only 1 week from when I ordered it from England!!! Sure beats the price I would have had to pay in the US for this beautiful kit. So, soooooo excited to begin this project. What a staple for my wardrobe it will be!

Here's the swing jacket pattern I ordered, called Ballerina (in this colorway):

Wow, I just found a KAL for her patterns, here. That's pretty exciting, I will probably join that one or at least lurk to get tips!

And Hanne's webpage with all her designs, here. I love her style, just classy and beautiful.

And here is a knitter who made the same finished product--look how beautiful it is in real-life! And another one in different colors.... :


Opal said...

It's gorgeous! Where in England did you order it from?

Aim said...

I got it from here, Opal:

It's also a link in the previous post :)

hakucho said...

That is a very cute jacket pattern. I love the colors you picked out (I'm partial to greens) Can't wait for you to finish it.

happy knitting :)

P.S. Just'll adore ravelry. Very cool site. Wish there were more hours in the day though....

Maria said...

First, I found your blog through the Hanne KAL. I'm half way through Mermaid.
Second, I like your choice of books, especially the first one.
Third, That's not a puppy, that's a daaawwwwwggggg!!!! Is she a newfie?

Aim said...

He's a Belgian Shepherd/Chow mix :)