Monday, September 3, 2007

I want a clean house!

Okay, I love my puppy, but....

What you are seeing are the brushings from one day. My puppy is going through telogen effluvium!!! At least that's what it's called in people. Shedding, is the general term used in animals. But holy moly! That is half his bulk. I wonder, does he have any viable organs under all that fur?

I ask this, because I spent much of last Sunday brushing him, cutting off his dreadlocks, and trimming his chow-chow pants because whenever they are huge and poofy, he gets them full of poop. I shampooed him, even though he hates water, and now I just swept up another pile of hair in my house!

What the ? Sigh. At least the floor is clean now. (There has not been time this week, to keep up with housework, what with illness, death, working, and studying. I don't want another week like this. Ever.) I can't stand when my life gets so overly busy that it prevents me from doing normal things, like staying awake, cleaning the house, or buying groceries!

Knitting content: Finally finished the Crazy Weave Scarf. This morning at 2 AM. Yay, another Xmas present down! Pics to come later....

Next on the agenda: the Dulaan scarf! And the DNA scarf.

I have been recieving fun stuff in the mail. I bought some of the aran pattern books I've had on my list, and slowly but surely they arrived while I was on blogging-sabbatical. Here's a couple:

Fun, huh! I must go knit now.... (and no, I will not be spinning my puppy's massive hairball into any yarn. Come to think of it, though, he does have a kind of sheep-like back half....)


hakucho said...

The first thing I thought when I saw the pile of fluff ("fiber") or dog hair.....can she spin it?? ha ha ;)
(I read the end of your post so I know you won't.)
happy knitting :)

Opal said...

Holy moly! That's a lot of fur! :-o

Acornbud said...

I think you have enough hair there for another dog!

Vyvyan said...

I want a clean house too but I give up anymore. Four dogs, 2 cats and a hamster, not to mention the hubby and teenager--it'll never happen. I think my next pet will be hairless.