Friday, December 26, 2008

WOW fun links

Cool, look at this website about lighted Christmas balls! There are instructions there for all different types of balls, some made with cups, some with chicken wire...I have a neighbor who hangs another couple lighted cup-balls every year in his trees, and it is just glorious! I have thought about making some myself, but haven't had time to look for the instructions. (Hot dog, now I have them linked on my blog!)

Look at this cute Polar Bear in pattern if anyone is interested. I love the blog this came from, full of really inspiring tatting projects (I haven't tatted in a couple of years...)

Ooooooh, squeal! Look at the cute free Seahorse tatted motif! There are a lot of tatted patterns for free where that came from....I never knew this =)

Sigh, wish I had time for all this! Here's a tatted parrot motif, very colorful and pretty!

More free tatting patterns here. Really fun ocean motifs, I'm going to remember these for the future.

There's a tatted dragon motif too! This rocks!

On a different note, this blog is by a very talented decorator/painter lady who is very inspiring! I'm blown away by her attention to detail....

And this blog shows photos of the above mentioned lady's cottage, with painted stair risers, and beautiful rooms everywhere!

A fun and crafty blog I just found...check out this cute idea she had.

Look at this beachy blog (sorry, I had to post this, I'm surrounded by gray fog, gray skies, gray melting snow and bitter gray cold lately)

Happy Weekend to you all =)

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Do it yourselfer said...

You are so sweet for linking my blog. I'm glad you're enjoying all my rantings and ravings...and paint/decor mis-haps!