Saturday, December 6, 2008

White Christmas!

It's snowing outside, while I sit here in my jammies, on the computer. I had a whole list of things to do today, including getting my oil changed, and a Christmas party to go to, but somehow the idea of staying in when it's snowing over-rode all my good intentions. Imagine that :)

DH and I decorated our tree this morning. That was really fun, pulling out homemade ornaments from our kids, and ourselves. Our first Christmas together, we made ornaments, including woodburned ornaments, painted ornaments, sewn and knitted ornaments and crocheted ones. I'll have to photodocument those soon :) The knitted ones are from a Leisure Arts Leaflet that is long lost. But the memory of knitting those when we lived in a mobile home in California our first year of marriage--well that really makes me smile. That was the year I learned how to knit! Hard to believe I've been doing it for 26 years! (I also remember being in the Air Force at that time, and crocheting on my lace during down-time on-duty, heh!)

Ah, reminiscing about a loved one who gave you a particular ornament, or trying to figure out which of our kids made which dough ornament was a great way to spend Saturday morning. I plan on continuing the Christmas spirit with some baking and some knitting progress on Moderne.

Good thing I went to knit night yesterday! I had to force myself to go; I knew if I went home from work, I'd be in bed by 6:30 like I had all week (from a draggy cold I caught.) At least I went there and got 4 hours of solid knitting done! And, it was Main Street's Christmas Celebration yesterday, so we had lots of foot traffic, and two groups of carollers! That was really fun. A lot of people popped in to see what we were about, and I even had some teen carollers ask about Meinstein Coat (I was wearing it while I knit--it was cold with all that door-opening!) Molly had a special store window display: kids knitting in the window! It was a fun night :)

I spent this AM doing some cybershopping. I refuse to go into the crowds at this time of year. Yuck. Some of my shopping is done, but I'm starting to run out of time for the mail-order stuff. ~panic is pending~

I will try to post some pics soon. I'm overwhelmed with time management lately! Computer trojans with adware and keyloggers are sucking away all my time (trying to get rid of them so I can on-line shop safely.) Sigh. It's always something.

Have a happy week everyone! Knit onward!


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knittinwolf said...

I'd stay in too with snow! Although here in CA, we'd be running outside to get in it!:) Sounds like a wonderful time you had...what a wonderful weekend!