Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Leftover Christmas Ideas

I know, it's too late this year. But it seems like every year I find a great pattern for something just after the holiday is over (I did that with the Easter Peeps, remember?!) But I can plan ahead for next year, yes?!

Here's an owl ornament tutorial--these are very cute. I may have to make a couple of these for the tree next year....It would be really cute to up-size this and make some throw pillows for a bed in the same manner!

This is one of the best scarves I've ever seen. What a cute thing, I love it totally! Must see if I can reproduce that myself =D (I really love that Anthropologie inspires so many knock-offs!)

Love this pattern for a fabric basket. I'd like to make something like that in the future, when I have more time!

Here is a recipe for easy and yummy sounding eggnog--though it should be mentioned it has raw eggs in it. I think there's a way around this, you can very slowly soft-cook the eggs in a double boiler or something to eliminate the possibility of food poisoning. I'd have to google that....

Look at the cutest felted bunny you ever saw! I like this blog....

I'm loving this great vintage humor stuff. Really want these christmas cards ;0) Check it out....

I also found an interesting idea/recipe/method for brining your Thanksgiving turkey prior to roasting. I know that is what restaurants do with their fried chicken prior to cooking it, but home-brining a turkey hadn't occurred to me. I may have to try that next year (we'd need a big big fridge).

Anyone interested in origami? This website is cool: it has some printable downloads for rhombicuboctahedral world globes you can fold....

Well, that was more random than not. And though I actually published it on New Year's Day, I kept the date the post was started as my publishing date. I just want to start off 2009 with a clean slate!

Happy happy!

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