Monday, December 8, 2008

Great inspiration!

Wow, look at this lace! It's a knitting daily video--have y'all seen this shawl pattern? It was recently published in Piecework magazine. I would love to knit a lily-of-the-valley shawl, either rectangular or triangular. I think it is the most lovely lace pattern I've ever seen! And, it reminds me of my Nana, who had a billion lilies of the valley growing in her side yard and let me transplant some to my new home. I miss you Nana....

I am going to try to wait until I finish summer sampler stole to knit this lovely piece of lacework. I also have my eye on the Forest Path stole, but I don't get Entrelac. Best do a scarf in plain stockinette entrelac before I attempt lace!

Other cool finds while surfing the last couple of days are:

1. Yarntini's Happy Hour Sock Club. I asked for this for Christmas, as I totally love her yarns. I can't think of a better surprise to await me this winter, than a package of yarntini yarn each month. So I quietly waited until signups began, and jumped in....because DH said he would buy me that for Christmas! =D Yay, something to look forward to for the next three dreary months!

2. Recycle your grocery bags into great gift wrap accessories!!! What a cool way to use up that annoying plastic from the grocery store. We usually end up putting it in the recycle bin, but I love the way this looks as a pom pom!

3. Cranberry body scrub...hummm, I have lots of little jars I could put to good use. Maybe I'll try this!

4. Hexagon crochet grannies tutorial here. What a beauty that blanket would be....

5. Have you ever heard of a tantrum-throwing shrimp?! This is very interesting, with cool pics!

6. For seamstresses, these free croquis from Threads magazine can help you sketch your designs over an actual body shape. I used some similar things in my fashion design classes.

7. These are cool for gifts(don't look family)

8. I love this: Crechemania, just joined so I can participate in this papercutting activity! I so love Nativity scenes...I think collecting paper ones is a lot more space-saving!!! What a cool site, make sure your volume is turned on too!

Merry Christmas!



knittinwolf said...

I've crocheted purses out of recycled bags and made purses out of capri sun bags! Love all the links!

raining sheep said...

Oooh. That cranberry body scrub sounds wonderful, and best of all, not difficult to concoct.

Nat Red Knits said...

Love the lace video-very interesting! I would never attempt to takle it tho. Lace does not seem to be my friend