Monday, December 29, 2008

Just Another Poo-flingin' Day in the Jungle


Yep, that's what my job seems like, lately. It wouldn't be so bad if my boss wasn't always a pisser. Because, I really love what I do for a living. But, for the past 2 months he has been grouchy, fault-finding, snippy, and difficult. He did this last year about this time--maybe he has SAD?! I can deal with it as long as he doesn't cross the line like last year.

I'm so relieved that Christmas is over. The gift-giving craziness is behind me for another year. And, I am so done with this climate. I am imagining christmases in hawaii in the near future, with nice weather, rains, ocean, and family visiting....if only I can afford a big enough home there for visitors to stay!

The title of this post came from t-shirts I purchased here for Christmas presents! Heh.

Look at this cute hat on the winter issue of Knitty:
Soo clever. I love it.

And I definitely want to try making a pair of cabled socks in this Celtic looking pattern published in the same issue of Knitty! And reversible lovely cables in a scarf! And look at the cute Musk-Ox Slippers....I love Knitty. Such a great resource! (One more--love this.)

Check out this poncho/capelette, called Undertow. How beautiful is that?! I love it

Onward into 2009, with new knitting goals =D


Barbara said...

That is such a clever fish hat! Hope your boss cheers up soon. It's been rain, rain, rain, and one day of no electricity here on Oahu. Good day for reading, knitting and eating:)

Lucy said...

I saw that fish hat too, I think i might have to knit one for my marine biologist SIL!
Sorry to hear about your boss issues... Two and a half years ago, I changed not only my job but my whole career because my boss had just got too obnoxious to live with, even though I loved working with the other 800 people there! I'm happy in my new role, but still think that bosses have altogether too much impact on our lives and happiness!

hetty said...

Love the fish hat!

Mary Anne said...

I understand what you're coping with at work, having gone through similar experience many times in my work. I hope it gets better soon.

I love that poo-flinging tshirt! heehee

Happy New Year and all the best for 2009.