Sunday, December 14, 2008

To waste the day surfin'....

Here is some surfage from the net:

1. Look at the cute palm-tree granny square! I'm not a fan of knitting or crocheting a motif to SEW onto a background, but this might change my mind....just too tropical and cute.

2. I like the look of this cardi--and the pattern's free! I found out about it via RosaP's blog, which I love in it's own right for the photography and minimalist feel. You should check out her version of this sweater, very cute.

3.I like this blog, she has a lovely photography style and her french inspired style is lovely.

4. I like the look and the idea (and pretty sure I'd like the taste too) of Sur la Table's chocolate crock you heat up and dip your fondue dippers into. What a cute item! Found via the speckled egg blog....

5. My new favorite shop (also from the speckled egg blog). All things lovely and French inspired....Not too pricey, either!

6. Need a moss tablecloth?! Here's a lovely one, not expensive if you don't buy the largest size....;) And how about placing one of these on top of it: Found also at bell'occhio. what a cute woodland party you'd have with both those...!

7. Look at the fun cupcakes website! I love their Christmas tree cupcakes, how cute is that photo?!

8. Oh! Look at this cute towel bin! I love this shop, my new favorite shop! How great is all that lovely merchandise!?!

9. Did I mention I love woodland? I love acorns, oak leaves, pinecones, moss, mushrooms, birdies, faux bois, any camping or Smokey the Bear related, National Parks themed items, fish (kinda woodland, right?)...well, I think you get my drift. Look at this really cute scarf with a mountain ranger bear on it! I'd love a print of that illustration to frame....OH, they sell that too!

10. Speaking of woodland: look at this really cute charm necklace! A little cabin in the woods! Love it :)

11. Last but not least...the recipe for Girl Scout Cookies "Samoas", Oh, yeah, I want to make these!



Susan said...

I love it when you go surfing for me, saves so much time.

Mary Anne said...

That was a fun trip through new and interesting websites, thank you!