Saturday, August 23, 2008


Sunset on Maui

I exercised a rare budgetary virtuosity today. I decided NOT to go to the Stitches Market, but instead went to Barnes & Noble and got the fall issues of some knitting mags I've been waiting for. Then I popped into my LYS and picked up 36" size 8 circular needles. I really am kinda pumped about making something in the Fall 08 issue of Vogue Knitting. And, I have a bone to pick with them.

Why do they sell a magazine with partial patterns in it?! You have to either send a SASE and request which charts you need or go on-line to download the charts at your own expense. EXCUSE ME, didn't I just pay $7 for your freaking knit magazine? Why are the patterns in it incomplete?! That little comment in there bugs me: "due to space constraints some portions of certain patterns are unable to be printed in the magazine". Nope. Doesn't hold water. Not when there are pages and pages and pages and pages of advertisements hogging up half the magazine's bulk. You could very well have put the freaking cable charts in there too. What a lazy way this well-known publishing house has gone. I'm really miffed.

Nonetheless, I hope to knit this soon:

It's the
Aran Wrap Cardigan by Angela Hahn., on page 107 of the fall 08 issue of VK. Here is the designer's list of errata and tips. I was turned on to this pattern by watching the Rainey Sisters progress on theirs. Now I just have to get the stinking chart from Vogue....

Anyway, I was speaking of virtue. Maybe it is not virtuous of me to vent like that on Vogue...but on the Very Virtuous Side, I saved a ton of $$ today by not going to Stitches! Though it only comes round once a year, and this year it's closer to me than ever, I can't bring myself to go. I didn't go last year either. And I didn't DIE or anything =p So I guess I will simply sit on the edge of my seat and await my online purchases. I already shot my wad. (where on earth did that phrase come from?! My dad always used to say that...)

And while I was exercising said Virtue, my Hello Kitty books from Amazon arrived in the mail today...
The first is the
cutest picture book I could ever hope for.

Lots of laughs all around :D Some of the pics in here kill me (especially Geisha Girl Kitty, and Airplane Pilot Kitty...)

The other is the story of
the business side of HK, which I can't wait to read. I like that kind of stuff.

I am making another mosaic stripe washcloth. I like these, they're pretty, thick and useful. Fun to have some variety in our washcloths. I like this pattern so much, I think I'd like to make something bigger in it--maybe a towel, or rug or mat...I'll have to think about it :)

Happy Saturday everyone.



hakucho said...

I don't blame you one bit, after spending all that money on a magazine I would expect to have full patterns in it!!

Love you newest mosaic...I do need to try one with variegated much to do, so little time :)

Monika said...

I didn't even notice this yet! That's just not right. If they do this again, I'll not buy this magainze anymore. I sure hope it's not one of the patterns I want to make.

Aim said...

I realized after posting this complaint, that Vogue has been doing this sneaky business since 2005!!! Very disappointing indeed >:|

Knit with me! said...

First, congrats on the restraint and for saving tons of $$$
I totally can't believe that Vogue does that, I have never noticed!
Let's all send them nasty emails

Nat Red Knits said...

I can't believe you skipped Stitches!!! Let me feel your forehead!

Congrats on your fortitude! I was actually pretty frugal this year for a change. I look forward to it every year and plan funds accordingly. I tell myself, it saves on shipping...yea thats it.

I would be more than miffed about that pattern. I hope you give them an earfull when you send your sase.