Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lace Mojo

A Mauian leaf in the rainforest...

YES! I got it back. It deserted me for about 3 weeks. I had the hardest time with chart #9, but am almost finished with it now. And it is making sense, and much easier than it was!!! Don't know what happened there, but I'm glad my Lace Mojo is back =D

I finished my mosaic stripe washcloth, and used it for the first time. I really like that texture nearly as much as garterstitch for a washcloth. Nice and thick. The nicest part is there are no holes when it gets wet (like what happens with the four-corners dishcloth. I have yet to figure out how to have NO holes at the slipped stitches, but haven't tried making another one of those since working on the ballerina cardi. The techniques used in that are beautiful, and I'd like to apply them to the dishcloth...)

Anyway. Thursday. Yay. Payday. And Stitches Midwest is this weekend. Twenty minute drive from me. It's time for some sturdy budget resolve. Can't spend $$ on yarn or patterns. I can't. You would not believe what I bought on YesAsia. I must wait for delivery, no more purchases! But, I have been wanting a Jordana Paige Knitting bag for a while, so may go in search of one of those....and of course, if I see any Alice Starmore patterns/books I'll have to get them. And also if there are any vintage crochet magazines in a booth, I'll have to dig... And I've always wanted a fair-isle stash of Jamieson Shetland....

I'm in trouble o.0



Knit with me! said...


I have two words for you:



Aim said...

Thanks knit with me!

(I'm trying to snowball. Honest. I'm leaving the credit card at home. I HAVE to.)

hakucho said...

The more I see of your mosaic cloth, it really makes me want to knit another one :)

happy knitting :)

fleegle said...

I adore your washcloth--it's gorgeous!

I didn't take many photos in Japan, but I will photograph the yarn when I get home. Good stashing this trip :)

Vyvyan said...

I'm loving that washcloth! I'm going to start my search for that booklet. Or dust off my stitch pattern books for an interesting mosaic design.