Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A quilting break...

Foot-fish (using his fins for feet!) at Maui Ocean Center

Now it's time for a break. I have a history of quilting, starting with a really hilarious attempt for my first quilt when our kids were infants. Then, I worked and worked on becoming better, attending quilters guild meetings, buying books, scouring the library for patterns, and making notes wherever I went to get ideas. I was completely 100% immersed in quilting....

Then we bought this house. It is too small--I know, I know, I have whined about that so much you guys probably know that by heart! But it's true. One of the only reasons I quit quilting and sewing is that this house is so small to have a work-table to leave out all the time. I transferred to yarnwork, and hence my quest for improving my knitting began.

This has all gone on for the past 15 years or so. And I still have the MOTHERLODE stash of quilting fabrics. But it's not until recently that I have been able to even look at the stash again. My love of quilts is being reborn.

See, I tend to be an all-or-nothing kinda girl. When I have a fascination, an obsession if you will, I latch onto it like a wolf onto a piece of flesh! No letting go until I master it!!!! (Lovely simile, eh?!)

But, some of my favorite blogs are those of quilters, and I've recently begun visiting them again. And look what I found! There is a scavenger hunt on at Bunny Tales...and it ends with the winner being drawn Thursday August 28. So if you want a fat-pack of great cute quilting fabrics, this is the place to enter. If you do, please mention me for sending you :)

Squeeee, I'm so excited to see who wins!!! Love the cutie country quilts. One of these days I'll get around to adding pics of my quilted FOs. There are a lot of little ones, and a number of big ones I'm proud of too. And of course, there's the unfinished one I started for DS when he was in kindergarten!!! He's now a sophomore at college, but, what can I say?!

Good luck you entrants!


Knit with me! said...

I did it!
I may have been too late since today is the 28th, it's 9:28 am where I am, so, we'll see.
I mentioned you at the scavenger hunt and on my post on henry glass fabrics blog.
Good luck, I hope you win something.
I love quilting too, I have only made two so far, but have many in my future

hakucho said...

Good for you!!

Back in college I started making a quilt all by hand...tiny stitches. Actually have a pretty big piece done, but unfortunately I lost interest. Some day I should pull it all out of these days that I have absolutely nothing to do....

Dawn said...

Hi Aim! I tagged you for a meme on my blog! :)

Can't wait to see some of your finished quilt stuff! I already save so much fabric to line purses with (which I haven't made yet), I can't imagine what I could amass if I quilted! LOL!! Take care!

Carola said...

I hope this doesn't mean you're going to stop knitting :) Although I love quilts too!

And btw - yes you do need to try the whole kool-aid dyeing thing. it's so much fun!!